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Childbirth Preperation

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"Embrace the present."

The period surrounding childbirth is an extremely delicate time for a women. However, this vulnerable time also holds the greatest potential for a woman to connect with who she really is!


At the clinic I offer a variety of birth preperation options so that each woman can recieve what is most suited to her needs.

The childbirth preparation classes we offer are given either one to one or to couples.

The course is between three to four hours, split up into two or three meetings depending on individual preference.

My goal is to customize the meetings into what is most needed and beneficial to the yoledet. 

So our meetings can vary from being information based, to breathing techniques, pain management skills, emotional releasing work, or even physical treatment and body work. 

I usually encourage first time mothers to consider the benefits of group courses which I don't currently offer, as it gives them a chance to interact with others and hear different views. However there will be those who don't feel that necessity and will opt for the personal couples course. 

Whatever the case, all opinions are respected.

It's about finding what feels most right for you!

The refresher courses we offer for non first timers is based on the same variety of topics depending on individual need. 

You deserve to come to your birth well prepared and empowered!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

More about childbirth

Childbirth is a unique experience for every woman; an opportunity to reach new places within herself, and access her deepest strengths, giving witness to what she is truly made of.

After a woman gives birth, she is no longer the same person as she was before that birth. Whether it is her first delivery or her tenth, each birth developes and expands her as a person, giving her an opportunity to see herself in new ways.

The knowledge of how to give birth lies deep within every woman. Just as the butterfly knows how to leave it's cocoon and the chick knows to break out of an egg, so too a woman has been given the deep knowledge of how to birth babies.


When a woman learns to trust herself and expands her intuition, the uncertainty that comes with birth propels her to develop a deeper sense of trust and confidence in Hashem’s guidance, and in her innate abilities.

If you were a woman waiting to give birth, I would encourage you to build strength in the miracles that have brought you to this moment, and trust that the One who has preserved and nurtured your baby up until this point, will continue to guide it's journey safely into this world. This is an understanding that you may already have in your head, but sometimes needs to be reminded to the heart!


Feelings of helplessness at this time have the spiritual potential of filling you with absolute certainty that you cannot do this alone. “You and your baby are dependant on Hashem”. The process of birth largely depends on one's ability to surrender oneself to the process.


This incredible time holds a unique adventure for you, filled with opportunities. This is a time in which you deserve to be supported for who you are and for what is important to you. Never forget that you have been given the strengths to travel your journey.


The birthing period has the potential to be a time of limitless love and connection with yourself, your baby and your Creator. A child is created in love, and is born with love.


As a doula and birth supporter I am filled with gratitude for the privilege of having the opportunity to support you physically, emotionally and spiritually on your birthing journey, and connect with this labour of love.

Holding Hands

"I made all of this.

You can trust me".



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