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My Clinic


Binah Yesairah started as a woman's wellness clinic (born in 2006) offering a range of treatments to help women restore inner harmony and vitality by connecting more deeply to themselves, mind, body and soul.


Today the clinic offers a variety of therapies and alternative treatments, including EFT tapping, inner child work, shiatsu treatments and Cranio Sacral therapy. 


The clinic is also used for private birth preparation classes for couples, self awareness courses and one to one therapies and mentoring for young adults. 


A large part of the clinic treatments are still focused on helping women overcome birth trauma and preparing her emotionally for childbirth. 


I feel grateful to have been blessed with the ability to connect deeply with people, understand them, and tune into their needs, and feel passionatly about running the clinic and working with people in a non judgmental, friendly and warm way, so that they can relax and connect with themselves. 

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