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Treating Birth Trauma

Trauma by definition is an experience in which a person feels that their life or sanity are being threatened. The person's perception and reaction to the situation will also play a big part. If one can cope with the event, even if it is a serious threat, it isn't trauma. Trauma happens when our ability to cope is completely overwhelmed, even if to an external listener the event doesn't appear so serious.


When women experience trauma during childbirth what commonly happens is that with the birth of the baby and all the family rejoicing, the trauma is pushed into "storage" at the back of their minds. Women will often tell themselves to put it all behind them and just get on with life. However, the unprocessed trauma doesn't just disappear and will often make itself known to the woman as she approaches her next birth. This is nothing more than a biological defence mechanism warning a person that they are facing danger, or perceived danger.


This "warning" may present itself in many different ways, emotional or physical and often the woman doesn't make a conscious connection between her present ailments and the trauma she experienced. As soon as we identify the trauma and understand the warning signals we are already on our journey to healing.


At Binah Yesairah we offer a variety of therapies can be used alone or together to help heal trauma. The common denominator between methods used are their ability to help the person reprocess their experience from a safe, connected and present state of mind.


From a holistic point of view trauma can be understood as an event that caused us to disconnect from our spiritual essence. Therefore, healing from trauma means learning to come back to feeling our sense of self, whilst fully connected to our emotions and physical experiences. Research is showing that many evidence based trauma interventions, including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), craniosacral therapy, and Shiatsu can be extremely beneficial.


At Binah Yesairah we offer EFT sessions and Shiatsu, and will refer woman to other treatments when needed.


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