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Shiatsu, sometimes referred to as Shiatsu massage, is an ancient form of Japanese
medicine. With their hands and heart the Japanese used touch to rebalance the body,
promote health, and restore the spirit.
Shiatsu massage is performed while lying fully clothed on a mattress on the floor. It
combines a mixture of firm pressure, gentle rocks and slow stretches.
Some say that the touch of Shiatsu reminds the body of it's early environment. A baby,
surrounded by amniotic fluid feels the pressure of it's environment. That pressure and
supportive touch equals safety and growth.
Likewise, Shiatsu improves blood flow and renews energy. Movement equals health.
Sometimes energy gets trapped in the body or dissipated. Shiatsu influences and restores
natural energy flow bringing vitality and a sense of wellbeing to the receiver.
Shiatsu massage, still and soothing, induces deep relaxation and connection to oneself. It is
known for its benefits in calming anxiety, lifting depression as well as helping many physical
Last but not least, you need not have any sickness or problem in order to enjoy the benefits
of a wonderful relaxing and pampering Shiatsu treatment.

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