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Childbirth Relaxation Disc

During childbirth we want the mother to be feeling relaxed and positive so that she can be connected to what is going on inside. Lack of positive belief in childbirth, or fear about her ability to give birth can hinder the process. The more the mind and body work together as one the better.

What we believe effects what we do and how we feel. We form our beliefs based on personal experience as well as things we've witnessed heard or read about. 

The Labour With Love relaxation cd is an 80 minute audio designed to be listened to any time throughout the third trimester and during labour. It's purpose is to fill the birthing mother's mind with calmness and confidence and allow her to relax and trust.


Background alpha waves helps induce deep relaxation while positive messages about childbirth are softly spoken. The first 40 minutes of the disc contains positive affirmations about labour and birth, and the second 40 minutes contains gentle soothing music without words.

When the mother's mind is calm, the body can do what it has to do.

When the birthing mother feels relaxed and at ease, pain becomes more manageable and everything can be handled more easily.


Whether you are purchasing this disc for yourself or for someone you care about, I hope it will be of great benefit just as it has been for so many others.

Wishing you and all mothers an uplifting birth experience.

Listen to a sample here:

Labour with Love Track 05 - English
Woman with Watch

"Everything will happen at the right time".

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