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Childbirth Education Class

  • 1 hour
  • 300 Israeli new shekels
  • Location 1

Service Description

That powerful word that has a different meaning for every woman! So what exactly IS childbirth? Childbirth is unique experience for every woman. Childbirth is a gift from our Creator, a gift of partnership in creation. Childbirth is a profound opportunity to grow as a person. Childbirth invites us to transcend and rise above what we have been accustomed to. Childbirth allows us to reach new places within ourselves and access our deepest strength. Childbirth gives witness to what we are truly made of. After a woman gives birth, she is no longer the same person as she was before that birth. Whether it is her first delivery or her tenth, each birth developes and expands her as a person, giving her an opportunity to rise and become closer to who she really is. What a gift, and what a responsibility to utilise this powerful opportunity. The knowledge of how to give birth lies deep within each woman. Just as Hashem taught the butterfly how to leave it's cocoon and a chick to break out of an egg, so too a woman has been given the deep knowledge of how to birth babies. We encourage a woman to trust and expand her intuition. The uncertainty that comes with birth almost propels a woman to develop a deeper sense of trust and confidence in Hashem's guiding hand. We build strength in the miracles that have brought us to this moment, and trust that the One who has preserved and nurtured this baby up until this point, will continue to guide it's journey safely into this world. We feel helpless with a sense of absolute certainty that we cannot do this alone. My baby and I are dependant on Hashem. The process of the birth largely depends on the woman's ability to surrender herself to the process. Those of us who are privileged to assist women at this incredible time, want to be gently supporting this process, and not blocking it in any way. Every woman we encounter is on HER unique journey. We feel humble in the knowledge that we have little if any idea of where her unique spiritual or emotional challenge lies. As a birth supporter, we support, but cannot control. We believe in the ability that the birthing mother has been given to get through this journey, and convey strength to her through trust and belief. We understand that no matter how much we know about birth in general, we know nothing about the specifics of any birth upfront. We must allow every birth to transpire with its own uniqueness and in it's own way. We must be willing to let the adventure unfold.

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