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Pesach and Labor. What's the Connection?

Between the soapy water and the (endless) shopping (and the eating

chocolate of course!!), here's just a little thought I thought I'd share...

You may have heard, that Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky Shlita has occasionally

commented that "Moshiach is here, but we just can't see him yet".

Now, this comment has often puzzled me, I mean if he is here then why

can't we see him? Like where exactly is he hidding?!

But as I attended a birth last week, a thought occored to me, and I'd like

to share it....

After long and tedious hours of labour the woman is finally fully

dialated, and ready to deliver her baby. But she is exhausted, in pain, and

can't think straight anymore. She cries, she can't do it, she feels like

it's just never going to end. She wants to opt out and give up! Meanwhile

the midwife is shouting excitedly:

"Your baby is HERE, your baby is HERE,
I'm telling you your baby is HERE....!!"

The midwife sees the head crowning, but the labouring woman seems oblivious. She's drained, she's in pain, she feels like it's too much, she can't anymore. We tell her...

"You're doing it - your baby is HERE, you're going to see your baby soon!!"

But she's in SO much pain, she's at the end of her strength, it's difficult

for her to enjoy that moment for she is is so much pain. She's confused and


And then the thought occured to me that as Chevlei Leida, so is Chevlei

Moshiach. As the birth pangs of labour, so are the birth pangs of moshiach.

The world is in transition. We are at the end of our labour. The head is

crowning. Moshiach is HERE!! But we are drained, we are confused, we are in

pain, we feel like we can't go on anymore! We want to give up, but really

we are at the end. In a few "minutes" we will see our baby!! Moshiach is

"HERE" we just can't yet see him!

More so... those attending the birth feel the energy in the air, they feel

the spirituality of the moment, they are excited, but the birthing woman

seems almost oblivious, for her pain is too great.Similarly, the world

feels the "New Age", they feel the birth is getting close, there is a

spiritual awakening, they are excited. But the labouring women - the Jewish

People, we are searing in pain - we can't feel anything, we are confused,

we are exhausted, and we are numb!But the birth is almost 'over'. And after

the birth, all the birth attendants will go home, and the birthing mother

will experience the most joy, the most liberation, and she'll sit and bond

with her baby!

May the "transition" end soon in the full birth and joy of Moshiach, where

our pains will subside, and we will finally breathe a deep sigh of relief,

and embrace a new life.

We're almost there!

Wishing you a Chodesh tov, and a liberating Pessach


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