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Therapy. Staying Tuned In.

“What exactly is this therapy that you do?” asked a curious neighbour from across the street as we stood waiting at the bus-stop one blustery winter morning. I tried to give her some kind of brief rundown of the kinds of techniques that I combine, not sure where she was heading with her question.

“Every second ad in the papers seems to be advertising some kind of therapy these days. When I was growing up it wasn't like this. What's wrong with everyone today that they all need therapy?!”

Another common question I find myself frequently getting asked is “Can't we help our issues through tefilla and emunah? Why do we all need therapy?”

I'd like to suggest that real therapy, emunah and teshuva is all wrapped up in the same bundle.

We all have a real self within us – our neshomo, our G-dliness. We are a spark of the Divine – every one of us.

Yet we come down here to this phyisical world, and not only do we find ourselves confined within phyisical bodies, but we also find ourself in persuit of earthliness. We find ourselves getting caught up in jealousy, anger, lust and pride.

As human beings, we seek security and predictability, appreciation and respect, love and understanding, and when these needs are not met, we find ourselves feeling sad, anxious, angry or depressed.

When these negative emotions fester long enough, they disturb the everyday functioning of our live, until we get to a point where we feel that physically or emotionally we are stuck and cannot tolerate it any longer. Often this apparent confinement is a gift in disguise, it is Hashem's way of pushing every human being to grow. We are pushed to a point where we are forced to face ourselves, and ask the question “What is going on?” “Why am I experiencing this pain?” “How can I get passed this?”

Many will comfortably go down the blame road, trying to find any and every reason why they are suffering the way they are, and trying to figure out whose fault it is. Others will resort to methods of numbing the pain or avoiding it.

The wiser ones realize that the way we feel inside is because of what is going on WITHIN US, and the external situations are only triggering what we know to be true inside.

Therapy is an aid to the natural journey of discovering oneself more deeply, letting go of unwanted baggage, and living life to its fullest.

“But why do I need to travel this challenging and courageous road of digging into my inner world? Why can't I just live like all those who numb themselves or avoid their pain?”

It's a great question, to which life itself will reveal the answer.

The pain within us doesn't vanish, it's a part of our human condition. Methods we use to avoid, protect and numb ourselves only seem to get stronger over the years. Observe for yourselves. As our lives expand, so do our challenges, and so does our potential for growth, but so do our defense mechanisms.

If we embrace this expansion in a wholesome way, we feel more alive, more of who we are, and with that package we also feel more of our human pain.

Alternately, if we shy away from facing ourselves, put on heavier masks, thicker protectors, or resort to stronger numbing methods, then in essence we are objecting the expansion of life, rejecting the potential to be our truest selves. What greater pain is there than that?

So yes, facing your inner world takes courage, but what's the alternative?

It is my pleasure and privilege to join you on your courageous journey of self discovery and growth, where together we will use modalities such as:

Coaching. A positive approach to navigating your inner world and achieving your goals.

EFT. Finger tapping on meridian points on the body to achieve relief from emotionally intense experiences. IFS. A form of guided imagery that connects you with your inner child and promotes deep healing, inducing natural behaviour change.

Shiatsu. An ancient Japanese method of healing touch, known for its benefits to both mind and body.

Wishing you an uplifting journey.

With love.


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