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A Bird is Calling...

A woman related this anecdote and I loved its message and decided to share it.

It was early morning and she had enjoyed a peaceful night's sleep in her vacation home high

in the Rocky mountains. Suddenly she was awakened by a loud bird's calling just outside the

window. The bird was calling and calling and calling and calling and just wouldn't stop.

“Enough already… What does this bird want??” she thought to herself as she headed to the


She peered out, and there high in the tree tops on her window level was a great big hawk

calling and calling and calling!!

Now more awake, she looked down, and noticed that the mother hawk was calling to her

babies in the nest, waiting for them to take their first flight.

Then it struck her how the mother bird just sat there on her perch calling and calling calling

until her babies spread their wings and flew to her. It didn't say “Where have you been?”

“Can't you hear me?” or “What's taking so long?”. It just called and called until the babies

learned to fly.

This sounds like a beautiful Elul message. The Divine voice calls and calls until we learn to

fly. When we ignore it, we feel unrest inside, and when we listen to it and fly, we feel elated.

Wishing you all a wonderful new year and an uplifting flight.

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